About Sadaf

SADAF with her expertise in the field of fashion designing since the last 15 years produces original, chic and exclusive designs that are no where to be found. At such affordable prices there’s nothing better that you can desire!

Graduation from Kinnaird College Lahore
Enjoys designing formal & bridal collection

As a child, fashion magazines fascinated me. Thereafter when I was in college, I started designing my own wardrobe, without any theoretical or practical knowledge. Talents for color and form were innate.

I believe in going deep into the roots of every design to find out its relevance in the present context. I also try and visualize whether a woman would look elegant in my designs. It’s a lot of hard work. But then this is very competitive field and unless you put in that extra effort you will tag far behind.

Added by: Faisal on 24/11/2011

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